Pennsauken Free Public Library
Monday-Thursday: 11 am - 4 pm
Friday: 11 am - 4 pm
Saturday: 11 am - 1 pm

2018 Board of Trustees

Geri Tabako, President Jack Killion, Mayor
Robert Fisher-Hughes, Vice-President
Diane Johnson, Secretary Ronnie Tarchichi, Superintendent of Schools
Paul Colsey, Treasurer
Martin Slater Ellyn McMullin
Joseph Sannino Dr. Sylvia Still

Every year, it is the responsibility of your Pennsauken Free Public Library to disseminate to the community the meeting schedule of the Board of Trustees of the Pennsauken Public Library. This is done in order that members of the public have the opportunity to attend meetings and to participate in library activities. We believe that while a good percentage of our Township and surrounding communities are familiar with the operations of the public library, some are not. This is a good opportunity to briefly identify the purpose and role of the Library Board of Trustees.

Under official New Jersey law, your municipal Pennsauken Free Public Library Board of Trustees is formed to consist of seven to nine members, one of whom is the Mayor and one of whom is the Superintendent of Schools. The latter two members may appoint alternates to represent them. The other five to seven members of the Library Board are appointed by the Mayor. Initially, these appointments are made for one, two, three, four and five years, respectively.

The primary role of the public library is to provide needed services to the total community. Trustees are individuals with a profound interest in developing the library for the community and in providing for the growth of the library. Being a library trustee means that one has been entrusted with the welfare of an important community institution capable of serving everyone in the community. Library Boards work because of the abilities and commitment of each member. The Board, along with the director and staff, strive to keep the public informed.

On behalf of the 2018 Board, we welcome your attendance at the meetings. For further information about your Pennsauken Public Library, contact us at 856-665-5959 or email:

We thank you for using your Pennsauken Free Public Library and please continue to spread the word about our services, programs, and successes.

Geri Tabako, President